A Special Thank You to All Local Business Sponsorships
 who made if possible for
the Town of Pittsfield to have a Municipal and Community website.  or /

In March  2006 KeVa Co Web Design and Development, a local Vermont company, met and received approval to set up the website.  It is a WIN/WIN for the Town as we take care of all of the details from registering the domain name, design and implementation, hosting of site, soliciting local business for your support, maintenance required of updates, minutes of meetings, forms, etc and even optimization, search submission and marketing. 

The Town website consists of 25 pages with invaluable information, forms to download, calendar- municipal and community, news bulletin board, departments and much more.
Total Business Sponsorships for 2006 is 3.  As we continue to get more information and over time, we are confident to fill all pages.

Beginning 2007 we have a web statistics page to show activity on the site. It is located on the right column of the main page a small globe with a lightening bolt. Look particularly at the  Daily and Monthly Visits per month. 

 Again, we would like to thank all of the Business Sponsors who are supporting the development and maintenance of this website.  Please be sure to scroll down to see who is sponsoring the page and be mindful to support these local businesses.

To purchase a Sponsorship, it is $200 one-time fee for the lifetime of the website, plus an annual fee of $50.00 per business to cover the costs of maintenance & hosting.  See Business Flyer

If you are interested in a Business Sponsorship Banner Ad, you can call 802-372-8393 or email: